Nozzle washing machine


AMW engine in combination with high pressure pulsing washing deliver exceptional high-performance washing.
36 nozzles simultaneously (X366-CE)*
24 nozzles simultaneously (X246-CE)
12 nozzles simultaneously (X126-CE)
• Signal light and Air blower included as standard equipment.
• Replacing nozzle holders (optional) allow one unit to wash any nozzles from different manufactures.
• Nozzle holders for conventional models can be used.
• Washing agent is environment-friendly industrial purified water.
• Lightweight and compact.
• Washing method causes no damage to nozzles.
• Nozzles are revitalized using a proprietary new washing method.
• Simple operation with touch panel.

* Depending on nozzle type, simultaneous washing may not include all 36 nozzles. Please contact your dealer for details.


Applicablenozzle Mounting Nozzles 0201 - 3216
Operating fluid Compressed Air
Operating pressure range
Consumed Air volume
Clean Air
0.5 Mpa - 0.55 Mpa
300 Nℓ / min. or less
Washing fluid Liquid
Consumed volume
Industrial purifiled water
More than 200 cc/h
Power Voltage
Power consuption
Plug *1
100 to 240 VAC
50W or less
IEC 60320 C 14 inlet
(Main unit) mm
W x D x H 38Kg(X36B/X24B) / 35Kg(X12B)
Standardequipment   Signal light / Air blower
Lower limit sensor
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