Nozzle inspection machine


An automatic nozzle visual inspection device is recommended to avoid inspector's inconsistent judgement.
• The nozzle hole and the surface are automatically inspected base on the image of the master nozzle.
• The Machine will automatically judge if the condition is pass or fail by comparing to new nozzles.
• The result can be exported as CSV data after reading the 2D code.


Standard Model   TANI-01-C
External dimensions (mm)
(Main frame size)
W x D x H 750 x 450 x 500
Weight Machine weight 60Kg
(65kg in case of TANI-01-CB)
Power supply Voltage 100 to 240 VAC
Power consumption 80W or less
Plug IEC60320 C14 inlet
Processing Capacity 3sec-8sec / 1 nozzle
Compatible nozzle holders 3 types 12-nozzle type (Φ92)
24-nozzle type (Φ124)
36-nozzle type (Φ130)
Standard equipments 3 signal lights (Red, Yellow, Green)
Touch panel (10 inch, 1024x768 dots, 16 million colors)
FTP communication port
Options 2D barcode reader
PANA-CIM compatible software
Database software system
Image processing software
Nozzle holder
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